Self-Build Mortgages

If you’re planning a self-build, whether a first-timer or an old hand at this game, you’ll probably need funding in place to drive your home-building project through its various stages, and the chances are that at least some of that funding will come from a mortgage. 

When it comes to a home-building project there are so many more issues to be taken into consideration.

For example, buying and paying for your land, cashflow, build costs, construction type, planning permission, affordability and where you’ll live during the build can all impact on your finance. 

Mortgages for self-build differs from residential mortgages as, with a self-build mortgage, the money is released in stages as the build progresses, rather than as a single amount and interest is only paid on the amount drawn down.

All lenders have different self-build criteria, so it’s important to speak to an expert who can look at your project individually and find the right finance, both for your project and your personal circumstances.  

Mortgage Advice Bureau works with BuildStore, the UK’s leading provider of specialist self-build mortgages.

Their team of expert advisers know exactly which providers are lending to self-builders and renovators in the UK at any given time – and they also have access to a range of exclusive mortgages offering higher lending percentages and competitive rates.

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Alternatively, you can download Buildstore's Self-Build Finance Brochure here.